When you look at this picture you will probably say that there is no way that is the same person. I am here to tell you that yes that is me. You are not seeing things. The picture on the left was me at 290lbs. I was not happy with my life and I had turned to food and soda to make me happy. I had gotten to the point in my life where I no longer cared about how I looked or felt. My breaking point was when I went shopping for pants and I was at a size 48in waist and they were too small for me and when I could not find any bigger sizes I literally broke down and started crying. Then I met my great friend and coach Jonas Elliott. I asked him to train me because I wanted to change my lifestyle. He was a little hesitant at first because he was not sure if I would reallyfollow through with it and at first he was right. I had every excuse you could think of to get out of it but he never gave up on me. He would call or txt me every day to make sure I was at class. I can remember the first time I trained with him I could not do 10 wall balls without wanting to vomit; it has now been 2 years since I have started this journey and I would not change anything about it. I have gone from being an unhealthy overweight man at 290lbs – 228lbs who was on the verge of being a diabetic with high cholesterol to no longer having high cholesterol and beating diabetes. I have made some amazing friends along the way who still push me today. So I have to say to anyone who is reading this that no matter how hard you think it is to start changing your life to be healthy and fit, that if I can do it so can you. Never give on yourself because you are the only one that matters.

James Heinaman

SWFL District Manager, C4MH

This place offers SO much more than a typical gym! I have been coming to Iron DNA since June of 2015 and I cannot say enough good things about the amazing trainers and coaches, the challenging classes, and the superb facility and equipment. The workouts are always varied and the staff does a great job of making fitness both fun and challenging.

In addition to attending group fitness classes, I also started working out with a personal trainer, Jonas Elliott. He is an excellent coach and I’ve been impressed by how knowledgeable he is. Since I have been working with a personal trainer, I have lost weight and my energy level has increased. These workouts have also motivated me to set new fitness goals (right now, I am training to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February 2017!).

My daughter trains at IronDNA, as well. She works out with Saad Rivera (another trainer at IronDNA) and she has had a very positive experience. She feels challenged and motivated by the workouts and her overall fitness level has definitely improved since she started training with Coach Saad. More importantly, perhaps, she is developing a real love for fitness!

The environment at IronDNA is very supportive and I find it encouraging to see people of different fitness levels working out together. I would definitely recommend the fitness classes and personal training at IronDNA to anyone who is looking to get in shape or improve their overall fitness.

Heather Duerre Humann, Ph.D.

Department of Language & Literature, Florida Gulf Coast University

I Love IronDNA! This gym save lives and improves the lives of its members. This is NOT a typical gym, this gym is like family, a family that cares and supports one another. I have worked out with every trainer and coach but I workout on a regular basis with Saad Enrique. Saad truly cares about my health and my results. Coach Saad reminds me that it took 15 years to get in the poor condition that I was in when we met. I was 198 pounds and 34% body fat when I started training with Saad. Today I am down 29.5 pounds of body fat, and I have put on over 12 pounds of muscle. Sure the results are great, but the coach focuses on flexibility, stretching, my diet and my safety. Saad (and all the trainers) really and truly care for their clients. The culture at Iron DNA is unlike any other gym. I wake up excited each morning to go to the gym and can be seen running into the gym at 5:45 with passion for what is ahead. I am 56 years old and I have never had the amount of muscle I have today, so to Saad and all the coaches and staff at IronDNA, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Michael R. Spreckelmeier

President, Progressive Builders, Inc.

First and Foremost I want to say thank you so much to all of the trainers at IronDNA for being at the gym that has truly changed my life. IronDNA was initially an intimidating and overwhelming but intriguing place for me to visit but through the love and support, challenges, encouragement and passion of your team, I have found a community where I can thrive and push myself to be the best version of myself. Their thoughtful, patient, kind, positive and mindful presence sets the tone for one of the most unique and diverse families I’ve ever had the honor or being a part of.


Jeanmarie Aleski

LCSW & Clinical Director, Advanced Psychaitric Care

Since I became a member of IRON DNA back in 2015 I have seen an incredible change in my health, my physique, and also helping me build confidence and trust in myself. IRON DNA has helped me lose weight and as well helped me on having a better condition on my breathing.

The coaches are very professional and are there to help you. I have never felt this good about myself in a long time knowing that I’m able to reach my fitness goals and doing workouts that are intense with their help. Now I’m able to breathe better, I look fit, my energy is super intense and overall I feel good about myself. And since I decided to be healthy and workout at this gym my past health conditions don’t bother me anymore and I rarely get sick. I cannot wait to see what I’m able to do in the next couple of years with my new fitness goals as being a member of IRON DNA.

Raffa Rueda

Server, First Watch